‘Dark Heritage’ in Digital Spaces: Finding the Right Tone Online

For the Europeana 2020 (virtual) conference, I am really excited to be collaborating with Tessa Bouwman, an educator at the Bergen-Belsen Memorial on a workshop about dark heritage in digital spaces.

As part of the workshop, we will be asking participants to share their experiences on a Padlet, so we can map how dark heritage has materialised in online spaces throughout the pandemic. We will be continuing this mapping project beyond the workshop too!

We hope the map will be a useful educational and research resource, and serve as a record of all of the important work institutions have been doing during this time.

We welcome your contributions to the padlet. Please add your experiences and share with colleagues within your organisation and beyond.

You can access the padlet here. Hopefully it will update in real time below. All posts are moderated, so will not appear automatically.

Please read the instructions on the Padlet carefully. Any incomplete/ inaccurate posts will be deleted at the moderation stage.

Made with Padlet

It is not too late to register for the conference.

If you cannot make the conference, but would like to be part of our continuing conversations on this subject, please add your contact details to this form.

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